We are Specialists in Teaching

Over 10 years of experience teaching surfing to all family members and groups of friends and giving fulfilling experiences in Costa Rica, honesty and responsibility are our mission.

We are located mainly on Playa Avellanas in Santa Cruz Guanacaste, with great waves most of the year. Our knowledge of the best beach brakes in the North, Central and South Pacific or Caribbean Sea is what allows us to offer the best experience to you.

Our services offer you the best instructors and tour guides in town. We also offer the possibility to receive an inclusive surf lesson adapted to your special need/condition with a certified lifeguard and an ISA (International Surfing Association) surf instructor who is part of the Adapted Surf Association as a special support, Gustavo Santana, the leading manager of Snapper Surf School.


Surf Lessons

Adults, kids and teens can choose from individual coaching, semi-private lessons or group sessions.
The lessons will focus on teaching you the skills of surfing and include basic ocean awareness.
Starting at
Group lessons $70
Private lessons $80

Road Surf Adventure

You can choose between different breaks in Costa Rica.
Starting at $120 pp / one meal included

Boat Surf Trip

One of the best and epic waves in Costa Rica is located in the sea in front of the Santa Rosa National Park. The photography and video offered will give you the best of the experience.
Starting at $600 / 5 people

Stand up Paddle

To choose these lessons it is necessary to have a group of at least 5 people. This includes: stand up paddle surf instruction, board and everything you need.
$80 pp.

Surf Vacation Packages

Excellent locations with all the necessary amenities for you to relax and enjoy your vacation.
Starting at $999 pp / all inclusive

Photography and Video

Just to get the top photo of your vacation album as well as if you´re looking to improve in your surf techniques and maneuvers, getting the right angle and the best position for your photos and videos is what we do best. Ask for discounts for photo and video sessions when you get the full weekend program.
Starting at $75 pp


We are a small business and we are passionate about surfing and having fun at Avellanas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.


English Speakers/Experienced and respectful guides and instructors.


Avellanas is a clean and beautifull beach brake. Perfect for beginners or intermediate surfers. When the conditions are right, you will get tons of nice waves for everyone. Secret Spots and surf locations in Guanacaste area.


Soft boards with leashes and traction pads for maximum grab to the board. Fully trained instructors to consider safety and special needs in every case.


10 years of teaching surf and guiding surf tours in Costa Rica are our as a small local business in Avellanas, we provide work to locals from the area and surrounding communities.

Offers In Group or Family Classes!


Wanna Surf ? Call us now!

+506 8325 0923

Wanna Surf ? Call us now!

+506 8325 0923


Playa Avellanas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

+506 8325 0923